I will help you tell your story

While I offer a range of services, all things content-related are the core of what I’ll do for you.  This includes:

Digital Strategy

Before we decide WHAT you’re going to say, I’ll help you determine WHO you’re saying it to and HOW, WHEN and WHERE best to say it. Through detailed research, including a fun and informative mapping exercise, I’ll make sure you understand your audience’s needs and desires like never before so what you publish hits that sweet spot with your customers and clients, both prospective and existing.

Content Creation

This is a fancy-pants way of saying writing and perhaps more importantly, editing. If the idea of creating your own content strikes fear in your heart then let it go – I’m here for you. OR if you love writing but need an editor, then once again, I’ve got you. I will speak to your industry, in your voice and in the most professional AND accessible way possible so that you are found, valued and poised to convert engaged parties into what you need most: paying customers.

My specialties include:

★ Website pages
★ Blog posts
★ Email campaigns
★ PDFs for downloading
★ And more… INCLUDING creation of video content

A note on Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Writing content for the digital space is not like writing for offline media – it’s imperative that it’s optimized so that people can easily search for and find you/your business. I’ll make sure your online presence is visible through best SEO practices that include keyword research, link strategy, search relevance insights and competitive analysis so you can pull in more leads and increase your sales.

Content Marketing

What I love about content marketing is that it’s a great way to give your leads and existing clients a ton of bang for the buck even before they spend a dime… which in turn makes them feel like working with you is the best investment they’ve ever made. Telling the story about who you are and what you have to offer through fresh, relatable, entertaining and engaging content takes the “hard” part out of the “sell” and swings the doors of opportunity wide open.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a key part of any content marketing strategy, and its importance is growing as social signals are factoring into SEO more and more. And while you might do some dabbling already on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels (i.e., SlideShare), I’ll help you take it all pro with your profile, posts, and how/where/when you utilize the abundant online social opportunities to distribute your content in ways that best fit your business.

Additional Services

★ Website creation
★ Copywriting
★ Brand identity development
★ Business systems design (business cards, stationary, etc.)
★ Video production
★ Transmedia strategy
★ Ghostwriting (eBooks, print books)
★ Style Guide development
★ Copy editing and proofreading