Very Kind Words

“Trudi possesses a unique talent.  As she gets to know her client better she is able to adapt her writing style to suit your voice. You can express a concrete but general thought to her, and she can revise it in your own voice in much greater detail. Also, Trudi has been instrumental in developing a rock-solid digital strategy for my law practice. From crafting the content for my website and ensuring that it’s search engine optimized, to creating my content marketing strategy and honing my voice and messaging for the weekly posts on my blog, Street Savvy Lawyer, to social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) and email marketing campaigns, she’s helped me expand my existing business and position for the future development of my Street Savvy brand. We’re also currently working on video content/vlogs with a team that Trudi’s assembled. It’s a blast working with Trudi, and I trust that as my marketing needs grow, she’ll be right there to help me hit it out of the park time and time again.” – Larry Slade, Principal, Slade Law

Hillary Carlip

“Trudi is a wildly gifted writer, creator, thinker and person. She is my creative partner in crime and has supported all aspects of both my web design business, Fly HC Multimedia (from production to content creation and beyond!) and the development of my eBook novel, Find Me I’m Yours, the first-ever transmedia “storyverse,” which includes 33 websites, original videos and other interactive elements. I love collaborating with her and look forward to so much more to come!” ~ Hillary Carlip, author, artist, and digital innovator

“Trudi’s an incredibly talented writer, editor, and content designer and an unparalleled collaborator.  Simply put, she magically transformed our fledgling concept into a crisp, professional website for our school and, within hours, fully optimized the site. With Trudi’s extraordinary knowledge base, eye for detail, and ability to communicate with tech neophytes, she’s the real deal. I can’t imagine a better experience than working with Trudi to launch our new venture, and I’m so grateful for her guidance.” – Jennifer Dohr, co-founder, Beacon School for Boys

Tina Koopersmith

“As I started to blog, I knew I needed an editor to help me with content creation and posting. Trudi is a professional writer and blogger, so I turned to my friend to help me. Wow, that was a great move! Not only does she edit my writing, she also has learned how my brain works so that she can take my notes and thoughts, and transform and improve the words while never losing the meaning of what I was trying to convey to my patients and the public. She is also great at finding photos to match, uploading content to the website and keeping me on task to maintain my blogging schedule. A gem, Trudi is!!” – Tina Koopersmith MD, West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center

Brian Bregman

“We’ve been wanting to redo our company brand identity and to build a website for many years now, and Trudi helped us develop a logo we love, a professional, great-looking business system including stationary and business cards, and a website that clearly communicates who we are, through both the content she developed and also through the visual presentation. We’re proud of our new look, and enjoyed working with Trudi every step of the way.” – Dawn & Brian Bregman, owners, b Alex Property Advisors

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Trudi over the years as a Public Relations/Marketing Executive, in my position as a Food Editor/writer for Palm Springs Life Magazine, and as a freelance lifestyle and food writer/journalist for numerous publications. Most recently, Trudi services as editor on my novel, Lady in the Window, were invaluable. Her commitment and passion always comes shining through and that’s why I adore working with her and hope to do so for many years to come! – Maryann Ridini Spencer, award-winning screenwriter/producer/journalist/novelist and business owner

Britta Lundin

“Trudi is one of the smartest, snappiest writers I’ve worked with. She’s got that rare combination of pop culture savvy and a tremendous talent with words. Not only that, but she’s a brilliant team player who loves to say yes. I’ve only got *heart eyes* for Trudi Roth. – Britta Lundin, webmistress, filmmaker, nice gal