Lessons of a “Perfect” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Lessons of a “Perfect” Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Recently I launched my own YouTube channel, It’s the TruStory.

The conceit of the thing is simple: I do things for you so you don’t have to.

This is basically the conceit of pretty much everything I do: from stuff for the family (hullo, endless laundry!) to my content marketing biz, I’m all about doing deeds that others cannot or will not deign to do.

Then again, I’m a big believer in the idea that service to others is rent you pay for your room here on earth (Mohammed Ali) so hey, pass the laundry detergent, allow me to sample some dog toothpaste for ya, and watch me handle it all without breaking a sweat.

Oh, and please ignore the martyr complex busting out all over my furrowed brow as I complete said tasks.

Also, do NOT ask me to do anything differently because it will slow me down, trip me up and generally screw with my jam.

This is where the grilled cheese sandwich and its copious lessons come into play.

In considering a topic for this week’s show, my esteemed producer, Ally Roche, offered up her dad — acclaimed character actor and all around awesome dude/dad, Eamonn Roche — to make a special guest star appearance.

When I pondered what I could do for him so he wouldn’t have to, Ally immediately said, “He makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.”

This took me a minute to process; wait, Eamonn would be the one to do something… so I wouldn’t have to?

I could barely contain my scoff. As a mom, making a grilled cheese sandwich is almost second nature. I have a nice little sour dough number that I like to whip out for a cozy lunch or comforting dinner. Or even a decadent breakfast if really pressed for time and creative ideas.

So while we prepped the questions I’d use for the banter, I didn’t bother to ask Eamonn what was so damn special about his grilled cheese.

And a funny thing happened once the camera started rolling. Eamonn totally inverted everything I ever thought I knew about grilled cheese by first plopping the cheese on a non-stick pan, then pushing the bread around in it, and then finally, pairing the cheesy toast with the plain side that had already been browning in the pan. Sans butter, I might add, which according to Eamonn saves 3,000 to 4,000 calories weekly.

Who knew?

And literally, the answer is not me. The sandwich that Eamonn made was for real the most delicious melted cheesy concoction I’d ever sampled.

He did it with grace and aplomb, managed snappy answers to my idiotic questions — from Shaun Cassidy to Mark Wahlberg and Wiz Khalifa — and remained nonplussed all the while and in the face of a cooking challenge.

After we stopped filming, he proceeded to pump out a half dozen sandwiches for the peanut gallery in about 10 minutes flat.

What made the grilled cheese so perfect is that it taught me that what I think I know is never the end-all; that other people can bring their own nuances, creativity, intelligence and skill to bear and even the most basic tasks can be improved upon in a collaborative situation.

I also learned that trying to share a grilled cheese sandwich with a hungry mutt is somewhat terrifying, but that’s a story for another day.

For now, please enjoy “I Made the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich So You Don’t Have To,” featuring the lovely and talented Eamonn Roche:

And if you dig what you see, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! If it teaches you anything, it’s you can learn how to do something new at any point in your life. And take the help — because we all need it, and perfect is besides the point. Progress is the point.

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