I’m a writer/marketer/editor from Boston by way of NYC who now lives in LA. That means when we work together, you’ll get proper language usage with a bit of an edge that’s tempered by light & love. And humor – always humor.

It begins with being a happy camper…

The whole “storyteller” thing is a buzzworthy skill today, but I’ve been at it since sleep-away camp when there was nothing I loved more than leading a campfire, writing entertaining songs and skits and getting campers fired up for Color War.

Cut to today, when I’ve spent 20-plus years making my bones in marketing and creative services, which ultimately is about telling compelling tales that propel people to action.

…And expands when you have the goods to bring people into your tent.

In our digital world, there are abundant opportunities to communicate your brand or business’ essence in fresh, exciting, interactive ways. As an eternal counselor AND marketing pro, it’s my mission to find and hone you and/or your company’s voice and elevate it to the rafters by creating solid online strategies and crafting memorable, shareable, searchable content that clearly expresses your brand/business’ essence and brings your unique selling position to life.

I come with some stellar bunkmates.

While content creation is at the heart of what I do, I collaborate with a team of talented creatives in order to deliver you exactly what you want, when you need it, at a price that works for your budget. My colleagues include:

  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • Video producers
  • Social media advertising specialists
  • Photographers
  • Public relations & promotions experts
  • And more!

Wanna know s’more?

I graduated from the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) with a B.S. in Economics and have a master’s degree in Mass Communications from Boston University. Hence the whole left brain/right brain scenario.

CNN called me a “popular mommy blogger” for my blog, Bitch’in Suburbia. While I am certainly the mom of two fabulous children and a pair of outstanding rescue dogs, I prefer to write not about black and white absolutes, but instead about the fuzzy gray in betweens that are as comfortable as a worn pair of sweats and equally as confounding.

A word about YouTube

In my double-secret life, I am thrilled to be a cast member of the Fine Brothers’ popular YouTube show, Adults React  on the REACT and Fine Brothers channels. In addition to reacting to popular videos, I fumble my way through playing video games, try to identify pop culture touchstones that most people over the age of 12 know nothing about and love to give the young’uns advice, like how to stop cursing and swearing.

My YouTube channel, also called It’s the TruStory, is a vlog and a wonderful outgrowth of the fun I have over on REACT — in it, I do a bunch of stuff so you don’t have to. Please SUBSCRIBE.